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Tony DoNascimento - Director of Soccer
Coach Tony DoNascimento has a wealth of international and local coaching experience
to enhance the player experience. Coach Tony, born in Brazil, nephew of Pele, is part
of soccer family royalty and has experience the game at the highest levels. He has
coached at the high school and club levels as a head coach and assistant coach
throughout Florida making stops at Boca Christian, Barcelona Academy, South Florida
Football Academy, Boca Unitd, DN Futebo Performance and Bocarat Football Club.
Coach Tony is well known in assisting players with college placement and finding the
right fit and is experienced in coaching goalkeepers on top of overall player
development and intense training regiments

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competitive game schedule vs Preps, Academies, and college teams

Play and train year-round in sunny, beautiful South Florida with some of the most experienced and expert coaches from around the United States. Individualized conditioning and strength training are instrumental in the success of our program.  We will cultivate and improve the dexterity and skills of our athletes.  This will include weight room training and technical skill instruction.  We will help take your abilities and skills to the next level. 

  • Skill Development 

  • Strength Training

  • Recovery Training

  • Competitive Competition Schedules



Individual rooms and individual bathrooms

Security and safety are of the utmost importance at PWSA.  Student-athletes will be provided housing in a safe and welcoming environment with access to amenities such as a pool, fitness center, study areas.


Post Graduate Program

  • ESL Classes
  • TOEFL Classes
  • SAT/ACT Prep Classes

High School Senior Year Program

  • Online high school year (additional cost)
  • ESL Classes
  • TOEFL Classes

SAT/ACT Prep Classes

FALL 2024



Residential   $Per Request

Commuter   $Per Request




Residential   $Per Request

Commuter   $Per Request




Residential   $Per Request

Commuter   $Per Request